• Migrate your database
  • Register your clients and providers by company or person
  • Categorize your contacts (photographer, production company, casting agency...)
  • Rate your clients
  • Quick search by name, location, category, alphabetical order and rating
  • Contacts


  • Send and Receive your emails
  • Select packages of talents/materials to send to your clients
  • Smart menu to select client emails by category and rating
  • Multiple send of emails in one by one mode
  • Personalize multiple emails with automatic client contact name
  • Webmail


  • See project status (Active, Confirmed, Expired, Canceled)
  • Gererate and send quotations
  • Gererate and send packages with talents photos/videos to your clients
  • See the feedback of the proposals sent to your clients
  • Create castings, callbacks, options, jobs and other activities
  • Notify your talents about castings, callbacks, jobs and other activities
  • Check the status of the notification for each client
  • Filter the projects by booker
  • See the total amount of jobs
  • Projects


  • Month, week and day view
  • See vertical list and horizontal in agenda
  • Create activities of Casting, Callback, Option, Jobs and several others
  • Filter to see the activities of each booker
  • Smart menu to add Models for Castings and other activities
  • Notify models by email about Castings, Jobs and other activities
  • Calendar


  • Selection of multiple talents with composites, photos and videos to send to your clients
  • Smart filter to select talents and their materials
  • Check date conflicts and "Options" before sending packages to your customers
  • Duplicate and edit the packages sent to send to different clients
  • Comments from each client about your talents
  • Tracking of client view, click and reply of your packages sent by email
  • Packages


  • Activities summary of each model and each booker
  • Comparation graphic of Casting and Jobs
  • Billing of each talent and each booker
  • Activities graph
  • Top 10 talents promoted
  • List view of activities by model, booker and client
  • Feedback from your clients about each package sent
  • Statistics


  • Asign tasks for you and other bookers
  • Schedule of tasks (important, today, tomorrow or any specific date)
  • Models materials requested to send to your clients
  • Tasks


  • Dashboard with all billing projects and jobs
  • Gross and Net amount of each job
  • Entries, Expenses, Cash Flow, Bank Statements
  • Synchronize balances of bank accounts and petty cash of the company
  • Payment status (Paid, Partial, Unpaid) of clients, models and mother agencies
  • Statement of each Model and Mother Agency
  • Export and Send statements in PDF or Excel
  • Accounting

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